Intra-Oral Scans

Intra-Oral Scans in Decatur, GA With Signature Smiles Studio

Crooked teeth and wide spaces can detract from a gorgeous, confident smile.

In the past, dentists mostly used their eyes and X-ray technology to examine their patients’ teeth and gums. Now, with advancements in technology, dentists can get an even better look at what is happening in their patients’ oral cavities. At Signature Smiles Studio, we believe educating our patients about their oral hygiene, health, and treatment options can produce healthier and brighter smiles. One of the ways we help educate our patients about their care is through the use of intra-oral cameras.

An intra-oral camera is a wand-like tool equipped with a tiny camera on the end. It is designed to operate inside the oral cavity using a light that can produce extremely high-quality images of the patient’s teeth and gums. Dr. Spaulding uses it to see all the tiny nooks and crannies inside your teeth, including the difficult or impossible areas to see during a routine visual examination.

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What Is an Intra-Oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera is a handheld device equipped with a camera that’s about the size of a dental mirror. It allows Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding and her team of dental hygienists to look at your teeth from multiple angles that are normally impossible to see with the naked eye. With this detailed perspective, Dr. Spaulding can examine the tooth’s structure and accurately spot any cavities or abnormalities. While large cavities can be easily detected on the surface, smaller ones are sometimes more difficult to see. It is crucial to find these small cavities and treat them before they continue to grow and cause more decay. With intra-oral cameras, Dr. Spaulding can detect even the smallest abnormalities before they can progress and become an even bigger problem.

The Benefits of Intra-Oral Cameras in Atlanta

Intra-oral cameras are small handheld cameras designed to provide more detailed images of the patient’s teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue. These images are taken and displayed on a computer screen, where Dr. Spaulding can examine a specific area of concern more closely and provide a more accurate diagnosis.

This technology offers incredible benefits to both patients and dentists. It’s particularly useful for detecting early signs of dental abnormalities, including cavities, gum disease, and plaque build-up that could become more severe. The greatest benefit of intra-oral cameras is that Dr. Spaulding can show her patients a clear, detailed image of their teeth and gums so they can see exactly what she is seeing and understand the importance of certain treatments and where they can focus more when brushing or flushing.

The following are some things that an intra-oral camera can help your dentist accomplish:

  • Provide your dental team with a clear and easy view of your oral structures
  • Capture pictures that are maintained for easy and accurate record-keeping
  • Display real-time images on a monitor so the patient can see what is going on in their mouth and better understand their oral health and hygiene
female patient receiving an oral scan at Signature Smiles Studio in Decatur, CA

How Are Intra-Oral Cameras Used During Treatment in Decatur, GA?

The intra-oral camera is wrapped with protective sterilized plastic before being placed in the patient’s mouth. It glides over each tooth and takes a quick image with a secure, high-definition light. The tooth’s enamel reflects this light to the camera’s lenses, and the decayed part of the tooth tends to absorb this light. The images of the oral cavity are transferred to the monitor for our team to review.

When used during routine dental examinations, the intra-oral camera allows Dr. Spaulding to recognize possible oral health concerns before they become more severe. It has proved to be a useful tool for explaining to our patients exactly what is going on inside their mouths and serves as an excellent visual aid for oral hygiene education.

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Benefits of Visiting a Dentist Equipped with an Intra-Oral Camera in Atlanta

Traditional examination methods certainly have their purposes. However, you can benefit from a better dental experience when choosing a dentist who uses advanced technology like intra-oral cameras. These benefits include:

Insight Into Your Oral Health

Images captured by an intra-oral camera can help you better understand the state of your teeth and gums. Additionally, when your dentist uses images to explain the reasons behind their treatment recommendations, you can trust their diagnosis after seeing the issues for yourself.

Improved Communication

By using the images produced by the intra-oral camera as a reference for conversations about oral health, you and your dentists can remain on the same page. You are more likely to trust your dental team’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Secure and Accurate Record-Keeping

Pictures in your patient care file can help your dentist monitor your oral health progress as closely as possible.

Early Diagnoses

An intra-oral camera can allow your dental team to examine areas of your mouth that would otherwise be difficult to see. Therefore, they are better positioned to identify current or potential issues before they become serious and need more extensive treatment.

Receive a Better View of Your Smile with Intra-Oral Camera Technology at Signature Smiles Studio

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