Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding in Decatur, GA With Signature Smiles Studio

Unfortunately, time, trauma, and genetics can negatively impact the condition and appearance of your teeth, leading to stains, chips, or discoloration.

These cosmetic issues can be challenging, if not impossible, to treat at home. Even with high-end toothbrushes, whitening strips, and expensive and foreign toothpaste, it can feel like time and money wasted. 

At Signature Smiles Studio, we believe that you should feel confident, beautiful, and secure in your smile. Cosmetic bonding could be an effective solution for stained, chipped, or discolored teeth. This affordable and accessible solution can transform your smile in just one appointment.

Signature Smiles Studio’s cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding, and her team of expert dental professionals proudly offer cosmetic bonding treatments in the Decatur, GA and Atlanta areas including Midtown, Sagamore Hills, and in-town areas of Atlanta, GA.. If you’re interested in learning about cosmetic bonding and whether you qualify for this treatment, contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Tooth bonding, or cosmetic bonding, is a noninvasive cosmetic dental procedure that uses a tooth-colored composite resin customized to closely match the natural shade of your teeth. Dr. Spaulding uses the composite and molds to sculpt the resin for seamless results that blend naturally with the rest of your teeth. The results are long-lasting and easy to maintain with proper oral hygiene care.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Cosmetic Bonding Treatments in Atlanta?

The durable and customizable treatment can repair a range of common complaints surrounding the appearance of the teeth, including:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped or chipped teeth
  • Fractured or cracked teeth
  • Discoloration and decay
  • Short or irregularly small teeth
  • Protection against exposed roots due to receding gum lines

Additionally, cosmetic bonding is favored among patients who would rather avoid or don’t qualify for veneers.

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Dr. Spaulding, our Decatur dentist, and our entire team approach dental care differently. We work together to embody our shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dentistry. This includes offering dental care in a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere.

What to Expect from a Cosmetic Bonding Procedure in Decatur, GA

Unlike many other cosmetic dental procedures, cosmetic bonding can be done in-house at our Decatur dental clinic. With the high-powered ultraviolet light that bonds the resin to the teeth, it’s possible to complete the process in just one visit if you’re only getting one or a few teeth repaired.


Once you arrive at Signature Smile Studio with your teeth cleaned and flossed, you’ll be led to one of our private suites. Dr. Spaulding will then select a color that closely matches your natural teeth and will prepare the bonding resin. The resin is a putty-like material that can be manipulated and molded into the desired shape and size. Local anesthesia is generally not required, but it can be if you’re nervous about the procedure, as some drilling to smooth out the tooth’s surface may be necessary.

The Bonding Process

The bonding procedure starts with Dr. Spaulding carefully roughing up the surface of the treated tooth. She will then apply a conditioning fluid to aid the resin’s ability to stick to your tooth. Next, she will apply the resin to the teeth and mold it into shape. After smoothing the resin, Dr. Spaulding will use an ultra-violet light to cure and harden the resin in only a few seconds. Lastly, Dr. Spaulding will smooth and trim the resin until it looks and feels like your natural teeth. The treatment can require anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour for each tooth, depending on how much molding and shaping must occur.


It’s common to experience tooth sensitivity for a few days following your bonding procedure, especially if it requires enamel removal. To help manage any discomfort, over-the-counter pain medications can be taken as needed, and we encourage our patients to consume soft, mild foods that aren’t too hot or cold. To maintain your new smile, continue brushing and flossing twice daily as usual. 

How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?

It’s important to note that bonding resin isn’t quite as strong as your natural teeth or veneers. Because of this, we encourage our patients to avoid activities that might damage their new smile, such as chewing on ice, biting pens or pencils, or chewing on their fingernails.

Grinding can also damage the bonding resin. If you know that you grind your teeth, consider investing in a mouthguard to protect your teeth while you sleep. Grinding is the most common way people wear down and chip their resin much faster than normal wear and tear.

It’s also important to remember that resin can become stained from coffee, tea, soda, and smoking. Unlike your natural enamel, it cannot be corrected with whitening strips or treatments. If you love your coffee, consider using a reusable straw to keep your favorite beverages from contacting your teeth or opt for veneers.

If you use these precautions and take good care of your teeth, your dental bonding can last for several years. If you do develop chips, stains, or cracks after a few years, Dr. Spaulding can often perform repairs.

Achieve A Natural Look

Why Choose Signature Smile Studio for Your Cosmetic Bonding Procedure in Atlanta?

Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding is a caring, skilled, and trusted cosmetic and family dentist who takes a holistic approach when caring for her patients throughout the Decatur, GA region. During appointments, she’ll examine their diets, habits, stress, candy consumption, and more to recommend and customize the best treatments for their needs. At her practice, she uses the latest innovative technologies and techniques to help improve her patients’ safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Dr. Spaulding and her team of dental professionals offer years of knowledge and experience in educating and treating myriad dental and cosmetic issues. As a team, our mission is to make our patients feel welcome, relaxed, and comfortable throughout their visit.

Let’s Get Started!

Don’t waste any more time being unhappy with your smile. If you’re tired of avoiding smiling or concealing your teeth and you’re ready to make a long-lasting change, cosmetic bonding may provide a convenient and affordable solution. Investing in the appearance of your teeth can boost your self-confidence and help you make lasting first impressions everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.

If you have further questions about cosmetic bonding or want to see if you qualify, our team at Signature Smiles Studio is ready to help! Our experienced team of dental professionals will help you decide on the best treatment for you and your smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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