White Spot Treatment

White Spot Treatment in Decatur, GA With Signature Smiles Studio

Have you noticed troublesome white spots on your teeth and have no idea how they got there?

These small imperfections can occur due to issues dental issues like demineralization, trauma, fluorosis, poor oral hygiene habits, or discoloration after orthodontic treatments. 

In the past, the only way to treat white spot lesions was through invasive measures that often included shots, heavy drilling, and resin or porcelain restoration. With Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding at Signature Smiles Studio, there is an easier alternative to achieving unified color for a brighter, healthier-looking smile. Dr. Spaulding offers ICON treatments for white spot lesions, an innovative and painless way to treat white spots without the need for invasive dental procedures.

To learn more about ICON treatments for white spot lesions at Signature Smiles Studio in Decatur, GA, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding today! We proudly serve Midtown, Sagamore Hills, and in-town areas of Atlanta, GA.

How Does ICON Work to Correct White Spots?

ICON by DMG works to treat white spots through a chameleon effect. Resin is placed on the surface of clean and dry teeth and is absorbed by the white spots. The resin infiltrates the areas with white spots to disguise them.

During an ICON treatment, Dr. Spaulding uses micro-abrasion to uncover the tooth’s tubules. Then, she applies a resin material to the tooth multiple times. The resin application is responsible for the color correction process, and the micro-abrasion enables the resin to adhere effectively to the tooth.

The tooth is kept dry while Dr. Spaulding applies the resin, allowing it to infiltrate the lesions, soak into the tooth, and form a bond with the tooth’s structure.

Once the resin is set, she’ll remove any extra resin and use a light to harden the portion that remains on the teeth. She’ll then polish the teeth to complete the look. Immediately after treatment, your teeth should be significantly more uniform in color and appearance. 

What Are the Benefits of ICON Treatment for White Spot Lesions in Atlanta?

Aside from treating white spots, ICON treatment with Dr. Spaulding offers incredible benefits, including:

  • Painless treatments without the use of needles or heavy drilling
  • ICON preserves as much healthy tooth structure as possible
  • It is suitable and safe for children, and it is the preferred treatment for most individuals with white spots on their teeth due to fluorosis, orthodontia, and other factors.
  • ICON is more cost-effective than alternative treatments, including veneers
  • Results can last for years before needing to be touched up
  • Untreated white spot lesions can look worse after teeth whitening treatments. ICON allows you to take full advantage of traditional teeth whitening treatments.

Are You a Good Candidate for White Spot Treatments in Georgia?

Discovering what treatment is right for you starts with scheduling a consultation at our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility in Decatur, GA. Here, you will meet with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding, who will perform a full oral examination and consult with you about your treatment goals. The consultation process will help Dr. Spaulding recommend and customize the most appropriate treatment for you.

Good candidates for white spot treatments include individuals who have white spots on their teeth that affect the aesthetic of their smile. Before your ICON treatment, Dr. Spaulding will ensure the health of your teeth and gums. She’ll perform a full examination of your oral health, checking for any accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, or gum disease. If any of these concerns are present, Dr. Spaulding will begin treatment to address these problems before moving forward with white spot treatments.

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What Causes White Spot Lesion to Form on the Teeth?

White spot lesions occur when the tooth’s enamel is demineralized, creating a weakened spot. To put it simply, some portions of the tooth’s enamel contain a high concentration of minerals, leading to uneven coloration. The lesions are areas where the minerals cannot access deeper portions of the enamel, and they take the form of white spots because of the way light scatters when it hits the lesions.

There are five common causes of white spots on your teeth, including:


One of the most common reasons for white spot lesions is your diet. If you consume highly acidic foods, the acidity can cause the enamel to erode, making your teeth more prone to developing white spots. Additionally, if your diet is causing regular acid reflux, you can also end up with white spots on your teeth. These white spots can be an early form of tooth decay.


Fluoride is important for strengthening teeth and preventing decay; however, too much fluoride causes a condition called fluorosis. A side effect of fluorosis is white spots on your teeth.

Enamel Hypoplasia

Enamel hypoplasia is a tooth defect in which the enamel is hard but thin and deficient. It is caused by defensive enamel formation. A few common causes of this condition include nutritional problems, taking antibiotics to reduce fever and children whose mothers smoked while pregnant.

Orthodontic Treatments

The brackets and bands used for traditional orthodontic treatments can create more hiding places for acid, sugar, and bacteria to become trapped. Poor dental hygiene regularly misses these areas, causing white spots or tooth decay to become active.

Why Should You Choose Signature Smiles Studio for White Spot Treatment in Atlanta?

Our team at Signature Smiles Studio is dedicated to the overall goal of helping you achieve a fresh, gleaming, brilliant smile. Dr. Spaulding approaches this goal with a viewpoint of responsible aesthetics, professionalism, and artistry through holistic treatments and techniques. She provides treatment plans that are tailored to your medical, dental, and aesthetic needs.

Dr. Spaulding prioritizes the importance of clear and open communication. She seeks to bring about an understanding of the treatments best suited for your needs and provides educational information on how to best care for your teeth. If you are tired of seeing white spots on your teeth and want to achieve a more uniform smile for you or your children, her compassionate, judgment-free patient care provides an ideal place to seek treatment.

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