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Smile Makeover in Decatur, GA | Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding

For some people, smiling, laughing, or any action that involves showing off their teeth can bring about embarrassment, shame, and great discomfort.

The most beautiful faces come from genuine smiles filled with happiness and confidence. At Signature Smiles Studio, we believe that feeling content with your appearance is essential, even if your teeth aren’t perfect. It’s okay to have crooked or misaligned teeth as long as you are happy with how you look and where you are in life. However, if you’re not quite there yet, a change or uplift in your appearance can help you move in that direction. A customizable smile makeover can help you achieve the freedom to let your whole face light up with emotions without any embarrassment or discomfort.

A smile makeover is essentially what it sounds like—a makeover for your smile. Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding, founder and leading dental professional at Signature Smiles Studio, offers a variety of oral cosmetic procedures that are carefully chosen and crafted according to your specific needs to help transform your current smile into one that radiates confidence and self-esteem.

Continue reading to learn more details about what our customizable smile makeovers at Signature Smiles Studio in Decatur, GA entail, or schedule your personalized oral examination with Dr. Spaulding by reaching out to our office today!

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover at Signature Smiles Studio consists of a series of procedures carefully determined by you and Dr. Spaulding according to your desired smile goals. Our various cosmetic dentistry procedures can address one or two aesthetic issues, while a smile makeover targets and treats a larger variety of aesthetic issues so that you can officially grin with pride in any photo, at any event, at any time. 

Whether you are looking to achieve a full, glam smile or simply want a more beautiful way to express your joy, a smile makeover can help you achieve the look you’ve been aspiring to for years. 

What Issues Can a Smile Makeover Address?

A smile makeover can address many cosmetic concerns simultaneously in one comprehensive treatment, including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Missing or chipped teeth
  • Evidence of decay
  • Discoloration and staining
  • Old restorations
  • Misshapen teeth 
  • Gaps

A smile makeover with Dr. Spaulding may also be able to restore a broken or collapsed bite. This is sometimes described as a full mouth restoration, but it is essentially a smile makeover that will also focus on the position and function of your bite.

How a Smile Makeover Is Customized

During your consultation with family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding, you will discuss your goals and any limitations you might have. Be sure to discuss your budget, time constraints, and concerns, as this information can help Dr. Spaulding develop the best treatment plan for you.

To customize your smile makeover, Dr. Spaulding will first conduct a thorough examination of your teeth to better understand what you would like to address. After performing the evaluation, taking photos, and determining the health of your teeth and gums, she will present her recommendations on how to reach your end goals.

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What Procedures Can Be Included in a Smile Makeover?

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a convenient and effective way to mask gaps, chips, misalignments, stains, and other cosmetic imperfections surrounding the teeth. Veneers are comprised of an extremely thin, porcelain shell that Dr. Spaulding shapes and attaches to the front of the disfigured tooth to conceal deep dental stains or other cosmetic flaws.

Teeth Whitening

With all the ingredients and dyes in our food and favorite beverages, our teeth can become noticeably yellow over time. Certain habits, like smoking or neglecting oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing daily, can also lead to tooth discoloration, which may require more than just your typical over-the-counter whitening strips. Teeth whitening is a popular, non-invasive procedure chosen for a smile makeover. A single session with Dr. Spaulding can brighten and shine your teeth by up to eight shades. Something as simple as having whiter teeth can make you look healthier, younger, and more confident.

Dental Crowns

In some cases, it may require more than veneers to alter the shape and color of your teeth. Dental crowns offer a beautiful aesthetic effect, but they can also be an important tool for long-lasting dental restoration. Dental crowns are carefully shaped caps that cover your existing tooth. They are used to restore damaged, missing, disfigured, or discolored teeth. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an ideal choice to include in your smile makeover if a tooth has decayed beyond repair, there is nerve damage in a tooth’s root, or you’re missing teeth. A dental implant involves a small metal rod that is affixed to the jawbone, acting as the root of your tooth so that Dr. Spaulding can install a dental crown. Dental implants are carefully crafted to look and feel nearly identical to your natural teeth while being more durable.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process of applying an FDA-approved resin to teeth to change their size, improve their shape, or prevent cavities. The dental bonding process involves Dr. Spaulding cleaning the surface of the teeth, thoroughly drying them, and then applying a thin layer of resin that fills every nook and groove that acts as a trap for food and bacteria. Dental bonding is a popular alternative to veneers that appeal to patients who have straight teeth but may not like the shape. It is also a convenient solution for filling in small gaps.


To address crooked, misaligned, or larger gaps, orthodontics may be the key to your smile makeover. A popular choice Dr. Spaulding offers her patients is Invisalign. Invisalign treatments are a more comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. The process involves taking molds of the teeth that are sent away to a lab where a series of clear trays are created. You’ll follow a strategic plan of wearing one set of trays for a few weeks before changing them out to complete the next phase. This process will continue until your teeth have moved into the desired locations.

What to Expect from Your Smile Makeover with Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding in Atlanta

Smile makeover options aren’t one-size-fits-all; therefore, the process of curating your smile makeover isn’t either. Only by consulting with Dr. Spaulding can you gain a clear understanding of what to expect from your smile makeover. Generally, a smile makeover is broken down into three steps.

The Consultation

To begin your smile makeover journey, Dr. Spaulding will sit down with you in a private room to discuss what is bothering you about your smile and keeping you from feeling confident. What we love about smile makeovers is that you get to combine your aesthetic wants with your needs. A typical dental appointment can lead to cavity fillings, cleaning, or maybe a crown, but a smile makeover can encompass cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and veneers. During your consultation, you can explore all of your options and customize a plan to improve your overall oral health.

The Procedure

The amount of time your smile makeover will require depends entirely on the options you choose. For example, teeth whitening takes a single visit, but veneers or dental implants may require three or more appointments. If you choose orthodontic care, you will be required to attend appointments over the course of several months so that Dr. Spaulding can monitor your progress.

During your appointment, Dr. Spaulding will discuss how to prepare for each procedure and what to expect during recovery.

The Recovery

Recovery times vary depending on the procedures you have chosen to include in your smile makeover. Some treatments, like teeth whitening or dental bonding, require little to no recovery time, while more invasive procedures like implants will require some limited activities and time for recovery. During your consultation, make sure to ask about things like:

  • What you can and cannot eat or drink during recovery
  • Activities to avoid
  • Prescription medications or over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Best practices for caring for your implants or veneers
Achieve A Natural Look

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